2 porties
Marshmallows with Cuberdon crunch
Choux pastry with cuberdon-flavoured whipped cream
serves 8 - 10
Mini cheesecakes and meringues with cuberdon syrup
serves 12
Belgian waffle burger with sweet-and-sour cuberdon mayonnaise
serves 4-6
Salmon tartare, apple, Belgian endive and cuberdon mayonnaise
serves 6
Ricotta dessert with cuberdons
serves 4
Clafoutis with pear
serves 4-6
Textures of dry-cured ham, goat’s milk cheese and cuberdons
serves 8-10
Chocolate truffles with wasabi and cuberdons
serves 4-6
Smoked beef, tomato and cuberdon carpaccio
serves 8-10
Eeklo Tiramisu
serves 4-6
Chicken roulade with port cuberdon sauce
1 2