Unique and hand-made articles

The "specials" by Geldhof are artisanal articles with a historical past. Some articles have been produced by hand in the same way for more than 50 years. This way, we can continue to deliver the same characteristic high quality. Other specials are unique because we combine old and new influences to create a new product. 

Available in:

Agar pieces  :  Bulk box mix of 2000 g 
Fruity mellow cubes  :  Bulk of 2000 g, Sachet of 200 g, Box of 150 g
Cuberdon syrup  :   2.5 kg, 5 kg, 15 kg, 800 kg                        
Chocodips  :  Strawberry 1000 g, Pineapple 1250 g, Banana 1250 g